Total War: Warhammer Concept Art - Female Gladelords

Another concept art from the game. This time a bit stiff T-pose and back views.
As you see - its lineart with cell shading. Most of designs i draw at work are done this way- quite often with really neutral pose, front view or side view. This approach is quicker and more efficient in comparision to rendering, and designs done this way are self-explanatory so modelers find them easy to work with. I know its not that interesting to look at in comparision to rendered images, but still i wanted to share it so you can have a glimpse of what fills most of my days at work :D

The rendered concepts that I usualy post are actually rare examples. At work i draw mostly linearts. Maybe I should share more of them? Most of them look stiff though. Im not sure if this is something you want to see?

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